Forte, Because We Love Pasta

Forte, Because We Love Pasta

Mar 23, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Forte is an important Italian pasta producer. The only one, when you look for the best fusilli or maccheroni.

A new entry in the Magnifico family

Magnifico food welcomes our family's new entry: Forte, an important Italian pasta producer.

It's not a surprise that it comes from the Calabria region and, more specifically, Cosenza. In fact, Calabria has a long tradition when we talk about Italian food. Forte is the answer for people who are handmade pasta lovers. "The modern machines and the antique techniques of production guarantee obtaining artisan pasta of high quality," as we can read from the Forte website. 

Not all pasta is the same!

Who isn't familiar with Italian food may think that all pasta dishes are the same. Of course, it's not true. We have so many ingredients and sauces which go along with different types of pasta. Even the shape makes the difference, and it's impossible to get tired of it. As we said, Forte successfully mixed modernity with the traditional techniques. In many ways. Let's talk about the most visible one. Pasta forte is made from perfectly selected durum wheat semolina, using the bronze-shaped dies and drying process at low temperature. "The natural ingredients (water and durum wheat semolina), the quality control of the production process, the cooking test and the handmade packing guarantee the respect for the antique techniques of the Italian tradition of artisan pasta manufacture." 

Available on Magnifico

But let's take a look at the products Magnifico is promoting on our website: Spinach fusilli pastaHandmade fusilli tris pastaChili pepper maccheroni pasta, Beetroot and tomato strozzapreti, Artichoke pasta. Those are just some flavored types that are mixed with the traditional ones: Handmade fusilliHandmade trofieHandmade strozzapreti. Today, we picked one that is not really well known in the United States: Handmade Capunti pasta, an artisan oval pasta made with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina. The shape resembles a small open pea pod. It's very popular in southern Italy, and it is made by hand. If you are afraid to cook complex dishes or don't have time to spend in the kitchen, Forte created for you their flavored pasta; what you need to do is to prepare a very simple tomato sauce or white cream with butter and Parmigiano cheese. Don't be afraid to be creative and try new things. Forte is your solution at the dinner table; it's one of the excellences when we talk about Italian pasta. 

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