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Sweet and savory specialties from Barrafranca, in the enchanting Sicilian countryside.

From Sicily to the world

Magnifico is very proud to welcome Heraia, a charming boutique producer from beautiful Sicily.  

This company embodies the art, culture, history, beauty, and traditions of the most beloved Italian island in the world. Heraia was named after a fascinating Greek myth; it recalls a legendary "gorgon," like the famous and powerful Medusa. Heraia is also the ancient term for the Sicilian hinterlands.

Gourmet delicacies, high-end products 

Heraia offers sweet and savory gourmet delicacies and high-end specialties like sweets, brittles, creams. The company also produces excellent olive oil. Thanks to the careful selection of the best cultivars of the Sicilian hinterland, the manual harvest, and the cold pressing within 24 hours, Heraia makes a spectacular and unique extra virgin olive oil.

The Garden of Hesperides

Heraia's most precious treasure is its Garden of the Hesperides. A fascinating and beautiful place where past, present, and future merge together. The garden, created on a precious and ancient almond and olive grove, is located in the heart of the Sicilian hinterlands, in the town of Barrafranca (in the province of Enna). The garden is filled with olive trees, almond trees, pistachio trees, citrus fruits trees, and durum wheat fields, growing together in perfect harmony.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Biancolilla, Nocellara dell'Etna, Cerasuola, Leucolea, Moresca, and Tonda Iblea are the local Sicilian cultivars giving life to Heraia's fine selection of extra virgin olive oil. According to the ancient tradition, their olives are hand-picked, carefully cleaned, and cold-pressed within 24 hours. 

Eco-friendly, respectful of Mother Earth

Heraia has always been committed to a proactive and responsible approach to environmental protection. Their packaging is environmentally friendly, made with recyclable paper.

Our selection

Magnifico proudly offers a lovely selection of Heraia's products. Try the delicious almonds produced by Heraia from the best almond cultivar selection. You can find them in three delightful versions: with Lemon Zest and Ginger (Sicilian almonds, seasoned with Sicilian lemon zest); with Orange Zest and Cinnamon (Sicilian almonds seasoned with Sicilian red orange zest); and with Chili Pepper (Sicilian almonds seasoned with a blend of chili pepper varieties made in Sicily). Don't miss out Heraia's extra virgin olive oil selection: Tunna delicate extra virgin olive oil; Pandora medium-delicate extra virgin olive oil; Bianchetta medium-intense extra virgin olive oil; Iannusa intense extra virgin olive oil.

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