Olivieri 1882

Classic Pandoro Mini Size 3.52 Oz

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Experience the timeless delight of this Classic Pandoro, a cherished Italian tradition brought to you by Olivieri 1882. This Classic Pandoro Mini Size is a holiday favorite with a history of excellence spanning over a century.

Pandoro Olivieri 1882 is the quintessential Christmas cake. This star-shaped confection is a heavenly blend of butter, eggs, wheat flour, and vanilla, boasting a unique and refined flavor profile. Its exceptional softness is a result of a 100% natural fermentation technique and a complex, multi-step manufacturing process, including three rounds of kneading and fermentation. Pandoro is a decadent yet easily digestible treat, thanks to the use of premium-quality ingredients.

Wheat flour * , Butter *, Eggs * , sugar, Natural Yeast, lemon zest Paste, water, Cocoa butter, whole powdered milk*, salt , Bourbon Vanilla *Allergenic ingredients.

The most classic way to enjoy Pandoro is to slice it into portions and serve it as a sweet treat. It's perfect with a cup of coffee or tea, making it an ideal dessert for special occasions or everyday indulgence.

Preservation Instruction:
Store in a cool, dry place, with a maximum temperature of 73.4°F (23°C). Keep away from direct sunlight and prevent exposure to sudden temperature fluctuations. Do not refrigerate. The product has an approximate shelf life of 40 days. Once opened, the product remains fresh for up to one week. Always remember to securely seal the plastic sack after opening.

Olivieri 1882 is a renowned producer with a rich heritage deeply rooted in the heart of Italy. Established in the year 1882, the company has a legacy that spans over a century, making it a symbol of tradition and excellence in the culinary world. Known for their commitment to quality and a dedication to preserving the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine, Olivieri 1882 has become a household name for those who appreciate the finest in food and confectionery.

Olivieri 1882's signature offerings often include classics like Pandoro and Panettone, two iconic Italian holiday cakes, both cherished for their rich history and exquisite taste. These delicacies are masterfully created, ensuring that they maintain their authenticity and irresistible flavors.

Furthermore, Olivieri 1882's dedication to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices is commendable. Their commitment to natural fermentation techniques and high-quality raw materials underscores their responsibility towards both customers and the planet.

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