Salami & Cheese

If you organize an Italian traditional Aperitivo at home, don't forget to serve Salami & Cheese to your guests! have good conversation and stimulate the appetite. Aperitivo is the ritual of sitting together, with friends over drinks and small snacks in the early evening drinking, chatting and enjoying each other’s company.


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Salami with Fennel Seeds 7 Oz
Salami Milano 7 Oz
$16.00 $18.00
Salami Milano 7 Oz
Smoked Spicy Salame 7 Oz
Grana Padano DOP 7 Oz
Lightly Spiced Salami 7 Oz
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 7 Oz
Cured Capocollo 1.8 LB
Truffle Salame 8.8 Oz
Guanciale with Black Pepper 1.83 LB
Provola Dolce 5,29 Oz
Pecorino Romano 7 Oz
Spicy Salame Schiacciata with Fennel Seeds 2.07 LB
Provola Spicy 5,29 Oz