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With the characteristic black truffle dark color, Pasta Natura's truffle flour pasta is a real delicacy. Thanks to the skillful flour processing, the slow drying at low temperatures and the bronze drawing, Pasta Natura created a pasta of excellent quality, with very good cooking properties and is perfect for sauce. As for the taste there are no words, good things must be tasted. Try it on special occasions, you will always want it on your table.

If you are looking for a good dish, rich in proteins, low in fats, and cholesterol free, truffle flour pasta is ideal. Truffle is perfect for people who follow a diet low on calories. Moreover, truffle flour is naturally gluten free, so it's perfect for celiac people. The beneficial properties of truffles are many: it's a food rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is rich in antioxidants, truffles help to contrast aging and to fight free radicals. Truffle flour has elasticizing properties, it helps digestion and stimulates the kidneys.

This artisanal short pasta shape, Casarecce, has curved shape that resembles an ancient scroll which seems to keep a precious secret, revealed only when tasted. The sauce clings perfectly to the pasta and is protected until it reaches your mouth.

Pasta Natura aim is to offer an artisanal product, healthy and tasty, perfect to be used in the preparation of delicious first courses and able to whet the appetite and satisfy everybody.

Corn flour, rice flour, prepared truffle 2% (natural aroma, carob powder, salt, dehydrated summer truffle(tuber aestivum vuitt.)1%, aroma). It may contain traces of soy. Store in a cool and dry place.

Many recipes can exalt Pasta Natura's truffle flour pasta. Even just truffle casarecce with a bit of good extra-virgin olive oil is a tasty and pleasant dish. The classic version of truffle pasta involves cooking your pasta in a pan with butter and serving it with a sprinkle of black pepper. For a true taste exaltation, to reach the pleasure peak, you can prepare it with mushrooms and sausage, with mascarpone and chestnuts, with ragout or with a mushroom sauce. If these combinations seem too high in calories or if you want a light and delicious vegan dish, try truffle casarecce topped with a preparation of endive, black olives, pine nuts and raisins.

Cooking time 9-10 minutes. 

Pasta Natura's slogan is "from the seed to the table", this is the heart of their business. This producer controls every process of the agri-food chain. They take care of the cultivation, the harvest, the drying (natural, slow and with low temperature), the grinding of the seed into flour the pasta production and the packaging. With this artisanal production, Pasta Natura controls the production phases and offer a guaranteed food for a healthy gluten free diet, without cholesterol and dangerous simple sugars. With Pasta Natura you can try the Mediterranean diet.

The commitment of this company, is the organic gluten-free pasta production with the use of particular, obviously gluten free, flours. Born for celiac people, the gluten free pasta is now meant for a vast audience paying more attention to the diet quality than in the past. Pasta Natura is for people on a diet, for athletes, for growing children, this pasta is perfect for everybody's daily diet.

Pasta Natura is made in Cuneo, one of the most important cities in Piedmont, here they have realized an organic agricultural holding without using GMO. The seeds used to get different flours are all of piedmontese origin, farm-to-table. This choice comes from Pasta Natura's necessity to certify a high quality product. 

The fields where Pasta Natura picks its cereals and legumes plants are situated close to their production site. In a few miles they have corn, buckwheat, chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils, chestnuts and hazelnuts fields. Through the different hectares cultivated in an organic way by their expert partners, they produce many tons of flour that are then stocked in their company, immediately after the harvesting. The time they need from the production of their artisanal pasta to the final packaging is minimal. That's Pasta Natura short chain production. Their seeds are directly processed, so they can preserve the natural nutrients. The traditional production is at low temperature so they don’t lose any organoleptic and nutritional properties. On your table you will have a tasty and healthy pasta.

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