Organic Mix for Pasta all'Arrabbiata 3.53 Oz

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Organic mix for "pasta all'arrabbiata" allows you to prepare delicious sauces in just a few minutes! It can be used to season pasta, season meat or make tasty bruschetta. It's always ready to use and reduces waste (no garlic sprouting in the fridge or jars of capers you can't remember when you opened them!).

Garlic*(sulfites), Capers*, Hot pepper*, Tomato*, Onion*(sulfites), Parsley*, Salt.


Before using the preparation, heat it for a few seconds in a frying pan with oil if you want to use it to season pasta, or add it to your sauces while cooking. Stir the bag well before use.

In the 90’s Cerreto started the production and distribution on a large scale of herbs, spices, vegetables, legumes, cereals, soups, seeds, pasta dressings and vegetable-based preparations for the retail, and over the years it has established itself as one of the leading companies in agricultural food production.

The turning point took place at the end of the 90’s, when Cerreto undertook a great challenge that later confirmed itself as a winning bet: organic food.

Cerreto is known as a pioneer of organic food in Italy, since it is certified and offers innovative products and cutting-edge gastronomic choice. Mixes, preparations for veggie burgers, sauces and tasty vegetable drinks, offer Organic Lovers the taste of homemade food with the guarantee of a controlled selection.

In the following years Cerreto has been constantly taking care of the quality of its products and it is now committing in order to expand its horizons at a national and international level, with over 2,000 points of sale in Italy alone and a distribution both under its own brand and with private label.


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