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Kid Organic Red Lentil and Green Pea Pasta 8.81 Oz

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Give your kids a nutritious and delicious meal with this Kid-Friendly Organic Red Lentil and Green Pea Pasta. Made with high-quality organic ingredients, including red lentils and green peas, this pasta is packed with protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, making it a healthy choice for growing kids.

Colorful and fun, “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” pasta has an amazing taste. Made with organic red lentil flour and organic green pea flour, this pasta is a source of vegetable protein.

Pasta with red lentil flour and pasta with green pea flour are both an important source of vegetable proteins, indispensable in the diet of each growing child. Moreover, these ingredients are easily digestible thanks to the important presence of fibers, which contribute to the well-being of the whole organism an

Red pasta : 50% red lentil Flour, 55% brown rice flour; Green pasta: 50% green pea flour, 50% brown rice flour; Yellow Pasta: 50% chickpea flour, 50% brown rice flour.

This pasta is so tasty that you can even taste it topped with a drizzle of EVO oil. These mix of red lentils and green peas pasta gives you the chance to indulge you in with more complex recipes: prepare a sauce based on spinach and ricotta, a white sauce or the classic pesto.

Pasta Natura is made in Cuneo, one of the most important cities in Piedmont, here they have realized an organic agricultural holding without using GMO's. The seeds used to get different flours are all of piedmontese origin, farm-to-table. This choice comes from Pasta Natura's necessity to certify a high quality product.

The fields where Pasta Natura picks its cereals and legumes plants are situated close to their production site. In a few miles they have corn, buckwheat, chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils, chestnuts and hazelnuts fields. Through the different hectares cultivated in an organic way by their expert partners, they produce many tons of flour that are then stocked in their company, immediately after the harvesting. The time they need from the production of their artisanal pasta to the final packaging is minimal. That's Pasta Natura short chain production. Their seeds are directly processed, so they can preserve the natural nutrients. The traditional production is at low temperature so they don’t lose any organoleptic and nutritional properties. On your table you will have a tasty and healthy pasta.

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