Bio Orto

Organic Tomato Sauce with Vegetables 19.40 Oz


Key Product Features

Looking for a healthy and delicious way to satisfy your cravings? Try our organic tomato sauce with vegetables! Made from the freshest organic tomatoes and vegetables. With its versatile taste, our sauce is perfect for enhancing your favorite dishes, including pasta, pizza, and more.

100% Organic Tomato Sauce with Vegetables. This sauce is prepared by slowly cooked chopped onion, carrots, celery and garlic in extra virgin olive oil and then adding the pulp and tomato puree with the 3 organic seasonal vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, peppers). The final result is a fresh and authentic taste of an homemade sauce without preservatives or added sugars.

Organic Tomato pulp 40%, organic tomato puree 37%, organic zucchini 4%, organic eggplants 4%, organic peppers 4%, organic extra virgin olive oil 3%, organic onion 2,5%, organic carrot 2,4%, organic celery 2%, salt 0,8%, organic garlic 0,1%, organic parsley 0,1%, organic oregano. 0,1%.

Ideal for the preparation of traditional sauces and lending itself to different type of dishes.

Bio Orto has mastered the art of promoting simple Italian products and bring them to U.S. tables. From planting to the final product, all stages of sowing, picking exclusively by hand, packaging and marketing are controlled by a company with a cottage industry approach but able to operate on a large scale.

Their fields, at the foot of the Gargano National Park, enjoy a special microclimate: aeration, mineral water that filters through the headland and through natural drainage, enrich the soil.

The cultivation of seasonal produce is constant, thanks to treatments and conservation provided by Hydro and Vacuum Cooler and by a rapid cooling tunnel. The deliberate choice of organic agriculture has been reinforced over time by an extreme attention to cultivation, from the field to the table, of fresh produce and olive oil and tomatoes for preservation in jars.

Current product certification and procedures, which enhance employees’ wellbeing, are a sign of Bio Orto’s commitment, which is evaluated by continuous direct checks and by its customers.