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Truffle Box + Gift Card

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Truffle lovers, here is the perfect box for you! Get it for yourself or as a special gift to any truffle lover in your life. This box contains 3 special truffle based, 1 truffle risotto, 1 pack of pasta and 1 Olive Oil with White Truffle, perfect to be used with one of the truffle condiments you'll find! 

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The box contains

- Casarecce Gluten Free Truffle Pasta 8.81 Oz

- Truffle Risotto Ready to Cook 8.8 Oz

- Butter and Truffle 2.8 Oz

- Sliced Truffle in Oil 1.06 Oz

- Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle Puree 3.17 Oz

- Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.4 Fl Oz

In the case that one or more of the items in your box is temporarily unavailable at the time of your order, we will replace it with a comparable item of equal or greater value.

Suggested Use

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Pasta Natura

Savini Tartufi

Tenuta Margherita

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