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- 1 Cherry Tomato Marinara Pasta Sauce 20.46Oz: The classic Marinara! Made with the best Sicilian cherry tomatoes, extra-virgin olive o il and aromatic spices. SKU: AGR/CHE/MAR/20

- 1 Yellow Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce 20.46Oz: A sweet tomato sauce that gives a refined touch to the simplest and fastest recipes. SKU: AGR/CHE/YELL/20

- 1 Norma Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Eggplants 20.46OzNorma Pasta Sauce is prepared faithfully to the traditional Sicilian recipe with the combination of the unmistakable taste of the eggplants and sweet cherry tomatoes. SKU: AGR/CHE/NOR/20

- 1 Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Ricotta Cheese 20.46OzFresh ricotta from cow’s milk and cherry tomatoes join together to create a creamy sauce. SKU: AGR/CHE/RIC/20

- 1 Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce of Cherry Tomatoes 20.46Oz: A slightly spicy sauce, prepared according to a traditional Roman recipe. SKU: AGR/CHE/ARR/20

- 1 Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with roasted Garlic 20.46Oz: If you love garlic this one's for you. The sweetness of Sicilian cherry tomatoes and the strong taste of garlic have always been one of the best combination. SKU: AGR/CHE/ROA/20

Perfect for pasta, pasta or any dish that requires great & hearty tomato sauce! 

The Company Agricola Monterosso is located on the south eastern tip of Sicily, in one of the highest municipalities, called Chiaramonte Gulfi, with respect to sea level (approximately 700 meters) in the province of Ragusa.  It is a modern company aware of how the quality of a product can be the key to success. 

According to the different seasonal phases the company utilises from  25 to 150 employees. The daily production is thousands of units, created in various types of packaging: trays, jars of various sizes and bottles. The processing chain activities are based on the production of the raw material grown in greenhouses. It is carefully selected by experts to ensure high quality standards. With regard to quality, Società Agricola Monterosso implements a series of initiatives that involve a range of activities: from the choices of raw materials to communication with the final consumer.

It is carefully selected by experts to guarantee the high quality standard. Precisely on the quality front, the Monterosso Agricultural Society carries out a series of initiatives that involve every activity: from the choices of raw materials to dialogue with the final consumer.

The quality policy is reflected daily in the careful selection of raw  materials available all year round thanks to  cultivation in a protected environment.

Agromonte products are B.R.C. certified and I.F.S., moreover, the company implements a rigorous sanitary self-control plan, drawn up by our specialised technicians, and follows the HACCP system, as required by current EU regulations. In addition to products obtained from conventional agriculture, the company transforms products from organic farming under the REG. CE 837/07 E s.m.i

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