Aiello Nespresso Intense Capsules 1.9 Oz

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The Intenso blend has a strong personality for an intense and creamy cup of coffee. Perfect for those who want a boost of energy.

The full-bodied flavor is enhanced by a pleasant spicy and toasted notes.

Aiello capsules are created using the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee, ensuring you always experience the taste of real Italian espresso.

All the Aiello blends are gluten-free and with no added flavors. They are characterized by their so-called “special roast” for which all raw mono-origin coffee beans, selected with the utmost care from the best coffee producing countries, are roasted separately in order to preserve and exalt the organoleptic characteristics of each variety. Only afterward they are blended according to the secret recipes that the company has used for over 50 years.

The capsules are compatible with Nespresso espresso machines and their nutritional and organoleptic characteristics are not altered by external agents, thus maintaining the coffee’s quality until the expiration date.

A mixture of roasted ground coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere in 10 single-serving capsules to be used for the preparation of coffee.

Perfect for making espresso coffee!

The story of the Caffè Aiello roasting company has the charming aroma of days gone by, in a land where a business capable of making a name for itself outside the restricted local boundaries required a great deal of courage and determination.

This is a Calabrian story and it started with the founder, Gaetano Aiello, who was a hard-working, forward-thinking man, determined to experience and develop his biggest passion: his love for high-quality Italian espresso coffee. Since 1967, this small artisanal roasting house has become a modern company, making coffee that is savored and loved in many parts of the world.

A project which has developed a dream, making it a reality, a vision that has always been the driving force behind the commitment Gaetano. The desire to enhance the taste of Italian espresso with high-quality raw materials, creating a product that is capable of flying the flag of fine Italian production throughout the world.

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