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Gluten-Free, Chickpea & Multigrain pasta, Fusilli 8.81 Oz

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Indulge in the delectable flavors of this Gluten Free Chickpea & Multigrain Fusilli Pasta. Crafted with a blend of nutrient-rich chickpea and wholesome multigrain, this gluten-free pasta is a perfect choice for individuals seeking a healthier, gluten-free alternative. Packed with fiber, this pasta is not only delicious but also promotes a balanced diet.


For the first course with an intense flavor, try Pasta Natura's chickpeas flour pasta. The color of this pasta reflects exactly the color of the chickpeas soup, this is possible because this pasta doesn't contain any other ingredients apart the farm-to-table organic flour. This pasta is a nourishing food with an intense legumes taste and it is a source of "good" proteins of vegetable origin, perfect for anybody wishing to find their way to a healthy diet, an excellent supply of energy with a low

50% organic chickpea flour, organic corn flour, organic rice flour. It may contain traces of soy. Store in a cool and dry place.

With the strong flavor of Pasta Natura's chickpeas flour pasta you should try products with intense aromas such as sage, rosemary, red onion, cabbage and savoy cabbage. You can change the flavor of your classic vegetable soup so to have a tasty vegan dish. You can prepare a pasta dish with a strong, pleasant and intense taste simply by adding broccoli with garlic, oil and chili to this with chickpeas flour. Also, it is easy to prepare a modern and colorful dish, suitable to surprise the most demanding guests, you just need one moment: chickpeas fusilli with Brussels sprouts and speck. For a more refined taste try them, instead, with sardines and wild fennel.

Cooking time 5-6 minutes.

Pasta Natura's slogan is "from the seed to the table", this is the heart of their business. This producer controls every process of the agri-food chain. They take care of the cultivation, the harvest, the drying (natural, slow and with low temperature), the grinding of the seed into flour the pasta production and the packaging. With this artisanal production, Pasta Natura controls the production phases and offer a guaranteed food for a healthy gluten free diet, without cholesterol and dangerous simple sugars. With Pasta Natura you can try the Mediterranean diet.

The commitment of this company, is the organic gluten-free pasta production with the use of particular, obviously gluten free, flours. Born for celiac people, the gluten free pasta is now meant for a vast audience paying more attention to the diet quality than in the past. Pasta Natura is for people on a diet, for athletes, for growing children, this pasta is perfect for everybody's daily diet.

Pasta Natura is made in Cuneo, one of the most important cities in Piedmont, here they have realized an organic agricultural holding without using GMO. The seeds used to get different flours are all of piedmontese origin, farm-to-table. This choice comes from Pasta Natura's necessity to certify a high quality product.

The fields where Pasta Natura picks its cereals and legumes plants are situated close to their production site. In a few miles they have corn, buckwheat, chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils, chestnuts and hazelnuts fields. Through the different hectares cultivated in an organic way by their expert partners, they produce many tons of flour that are then stocked in their company, immediately after the harvesting. The time they need from the production of their artisanal pasta to the final packaging is minimal. That's Pasta Natura short chain production. Their seeds are directly processed, so they can preserve the natural nutrients. The traditional production is at low temperature so they don’t lose any organoleptic and nutritional properties. On your table you will have a tasty and healthy pasta.

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