San Carlo

Kettle Potato Chips 1.4 Oz


Key Product Features

Experience the ultimate crunch with San Carlo Classic Potato Chips! Made with high-quality potatoes using San Carlo's innovative low-fat cooking method,  these chips deliver crispy perfection with less fat and grease.

Created by revisiting the oldest tradition from San Carlo, these Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are characterized by their crispy texture and bright color. They are kettle-cooked at different temperatures and lightly salted, enhancing the taste of the potatoes without being too heavy.

Enjoy them during the day.

In 1936, Francesco Vitaloni opened "Rosticceria San Carlo" in Milan, naming it after the nearby church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto. The shop quickly became known for its revolutionary specialty: "crispy fries," which were distributed daily to bakeries and bars in the surrounding area.
Within a few years, production had increased from 20 kilos per day to significant quantities, and so Mr. Vitaloni moved the company to Greco in 1940, and it took the name "San Carlo ... le patatine" (San Carlo... the potato chips).
In 1955, Alberto Vitaloni, the current president, took over from his father and in 1970 founded "San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare S.p.A.