Heraia Bianchetta Medium-Intense Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.97 fl oz

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Bianchetta is a natural extra virgin olive oil from the Sicilian hinterland. A fine Biancolilla monocultivar olive oil, balanced, aromatic and savoury.

Bianchetta - Bilanciato Oil is a well-balanced and versatile oil, rich in aromas of grass and tomato. The tag was chosen to represent an agave plant, precisely to indicate its dual use in the kitchen, both for purposes of intensifying this oil and for expressing its sweetness.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. 

The perfect match to any food. Cooked or raw. 

The mythical savoury goodness, branded Heraia, were born from the will to enhance heritage and the specialities of a hidden land. Salted specialities from bold ideas with high quality ingredients.

This company's aim is to amaze you through new pairings, underlying the quality of the raw materia. In the end, the packaging is on focus; everything made up in natural paper to be respectful to our Planet.

Everything is from Sicily which is art, nature, culture, myth and legend. It is an island full of stories about beauty, wisdom, customs and treasure to preserve and make them known to the world.

Heraia is an imaginary gorgon, named as the ancient name of the Sicilian hinterlands and its fruits. A myth, maybe a legend; definitely an urban legend.

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