Panettone with Raisins in Tin 35.2 Oz

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Soft and consistent dough, enhanced, at the end of cooking, by the right burnishing. Handcrafted product with natural ingredients, it is characterized by its absence of candied fruit and for its clean taste: flour, butter, eggs, raisins and natural yeast make it a unique dessert. Few ingredients, but incredibly delicious.
Naturally leavened cake with a soft inside and a typical irregular honeycomb. Brown/golden color outside and warm yellow inside.
Wheat flour, Raisin 23,4%, Butter, Fresh egg yolk free-range, Cane sugar, Water, Natural yeast (Wheat flour, Water), Italian honey, Fresh milk, Emulsifiers: Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Salt, Natural flavouring (Valinna pods).

Whenever you feel like having a piece! At Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is definitely a must after dinner. To enjoy this panettone at its best we recommend to leave it inside the bag until just before eating it and to serve it at room temperature.

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