Handmade Short Fusilli Pasta 1.1 LB

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Key Product Features

Artisan Short Fusilli Pasta made with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina. This high quality handmade short fusilli pasta is made with Italian traditional techniques and 100% natural ingredients.

It's perfect with all kind of sauces, above all with meat ones!


Durum Wheat Semolina, Water.

Suggested Use

It's always pasta time! Express yourself and mix it/top it/season it with everything you like! We have a huge selection of sauces perfect to be combined with pasta, check our Recipe blog section for many pasta ideas!


Forte is a pasta producer of modern conception which combines tradition and innovation. The modern machines and the antique techniques of production guarantee obtaining of artisan pasta of high quality. Pasta forte is made from perfectly selected durum wheat semolina, using the bronze shaped dies and drying process at low temperature. The natural ingredients (water and durum wheat semolina), the quality control of the production process, the cooking test and the handmade packing guarantee the respect for the antique techniques of the Italian tradition of artisan pasta manufacture.