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Spelt Flour Taralli 7 Oz

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Key Product Features

Indulge in the wholesome goodness of spelt flour with our artisanal spelt flour taralli. Made with high-quality spelt flour, water, olive oil, and salt, our taralli are handcrafted in Italy using traditional methods to ensure an authentic taste and texture. Spelt flour is a healthier alternative to traditional wheat flour, as it is higher in protein and fiber.

Taralli are quite simple snacks, with an unleavened dough of flour, salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and white wine. They are about the size of a walnut and they are perfect to be eaten any time of the day. The spelled flour in these definitely makes them lighter in the flavor and consistency.

60% spelled flour, wheat flour type "00", white wine, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, salt.

Well, Italians plonk them down on the table at every opportunity: Aperitivo, lunch, as an afternoon snack. Taralli are great if eaten with olives, cheeses and meats. They are the best accompaniment for a glass of white wine.

Natur Puglia is a company that in respect of ancient art hands down the recipes and methods of the Puglia baker's tradition, using a technologically advanced system in the processing of its products. Natur Puglia selects the best raw materials of local provenance acquired from certified suppliers by taking advantage of the genuineness of the resources of its own land, which has always specialized in the cultivation of wheat and olive trees.