Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.4 Fl Oz

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Key Product Features

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made with the finest ingredients and carefully crafted to perfection. Our premium quality olive oil is infused with real truffles, creating a rich and savory taste that will elevate any dish.

These Aromatic Oils are synonymous with Excellence and fusion. Truffle aromatic oil.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Truffle artificial flavor.

Appetizers and starters, First courses, Second courses, Pizza condiment.

Loving a flavor does not only mean savoring its taste but entering the world of that food, knowing the path it has taken up to our tables.

Loving a flavor also means knowing how much that flavor can benefit our lives.

In Montosco they want to do just that: to make sure that the flavors of their herbs and spices live on every dish.

Montosco's ingredients are 100% natural.

Montosco doesn't add anything to the herbs and spices except the passion that has accompanied their work in growing, harvesting and packaging their products for years.

Nature is a source of inspiration in seeking flavors that bind to the food and wine culture of each territory and this is why Montosco's commitment to nature itself has become stronger: they design their packaging to be reused by reducing waste.

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