Whole Wheat Farfalle Pasta 1.1 LB

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Farfalle represent the true must have of La Molisana whole wheat range. We suggest to match them with avocado, lemon and prawns to make a load of monounsaturated fats, precious allies of our health. Try them!

Within the natural purity of the Italian countryside in the region of Molise, La Molisana experience allows this pasta producer to create a whole wheat pasta made by the finest selection of grains and fresh mountain water from Matese Natural Park. To satisfy the deep need of well-being La Molisana studied this specific whole wheat line that offers nutritional content with amazing flavor. Thanks to the concentration of 7.5g in every 100g or product, this pasta provide a great source of fiber. Additionally the bronze die gives the surface a "scratched" texture, perfect to hold on sauces. The taste is also very delicate: an enveloping mix of nuts and wood with a strong personality. 

Durum whole wheat semolina.

It's always pasta time! Express yourself and mix it/top it/season it with everything you like! We have a huge selection of sauces perfect to be combined with pasta, check out our Recipe blog section for many pasta ideas.

This is not just a mere pasta, this is the story of a Family that, for 4 generations and over a hundred years, has been carefully selecting and grinding only the finest varieties of wheat. It's the story of a land that, thanks to its unquestionably excellent, exclusive characteristics, is the perfect place for bringing a unique, exquisite pasta to life.

La Molisana, in 6 years under the management of the Ferro family, has sextupled its turnover, surpassing every possible growth projection and exploding onto the international market with over 30,000 tons of pasta La Molisana already sold.

This pasta factory is one of the highest in Italy, rising to 2,395 feet high in the heart of Molise. A natural paradise with a long tradition of growing grains, rich in spring water and pristine air that creates the ideal conditions for pasta production. As far back as the beginning of the last century, the first small-scale milling workshops – the so-called “maccaronari” – started popping up in this area. A long-standing tradition of quality that La Molisana is an ambassador for around the world.

What lies behind La Molisana pasta is the story of a family that has been carefully selecting and milling only the finest durum wheat for four generations and a company that, since 2011, has surpassed every projection of growth, exploding onto the market with a ‘Made in Molise’ pasta with unique characteristics that can’t be copied. La Molisana is the fifth largest pasta maker in Italy and export to over 80 countries around the world. 

La Molisana has a real cult of durum wheat, which they carefully select in their laboratories and preserve in their silos, ensuring that it’s always as clean and healthy as it should be. Their signature is the stone debranding which ensures that every grain’s original properties are kept perfectly intact as it is gently cleaned. Their talent lies in their ability to blend different varieties of wheat to achieve the perfect blend of semolina that becomes a nutritious, flavorsome, firm pasta that is bronze-die extruded and stands up to cooking excellently.

And that’s why La Molisana pasta is so good: a high content of good-quality gluten so that it stands up to cooking, an excellent protein content to preserve the shape and structure of the pasta and, finally, a great yellowness index, to make the pasta even more appetizing and satisfying from an aesthetic point of view too.


Vendor: La Molisana