Wholegrain Rice Ermes 17 Oz

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It is a brown rice whose grains are naturally red. Very nutritious and aromatic, rich in fibers, mineral salts and anti-oxidants, after being boiled it is perfect both as side dish for fish or meat or for rice salads.

Ermes Whole Grain Rice.

You can use Ermes Rice for side dishes, fresh salads or fish.

Some stories have no boundary or age, and they are simply deep-rooted in history.
Our story starts very far back in the year 1904, when an idea and a few simple emotions find their home in a farmhouse, immersed in the Piedmont countryside.
This is where Tenuta Margherita was born.

Simple, like our constant and relentless pursuit of quality, show in our smallest gestures and in the attention we pay to every moment throughout the processing of our rice.
Unchanged like the emotions that, even after a hundred years, still characterize our work, from a freshly picked grain of rice to the pride of a mission that is devoted to excellence in all its forms.

It is at distant past, therefore, that our history starts, just as we are focusing on the years to come. The attention that we pay  to to our traditions cannot distract our attention towards the future and the challenges that it will bring.
It is in the 300 hectares of land of Tenuta Margherita that Davide Brusa has seen the full potential to grow and bring our goals forward.

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