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We are very proud to introduce you to a producer who has been among the pioneers of organic food in Italy. Today Cerreto works respecting the environment and offers an extensive selection of products, 100% organic. 

Cerreto's history
Cerreto's story begins in 1976 in the beautiful Emilia Romagna region, in the middle of the so-called Food Valley. In the 90's, Cerreto started the production and distribution on a large scale of herbs, spices, vegetables, legumes, cereals, soups, seeds, and pasta dressings. Today Cerreto is one of the leading organic food companies in Italy. In addition, Cerreto works respecting life and the environment and offers an extensive range of products, 100% organic. The plant is powered by solar energy with a modern photovoltaic system.

100% organic food

Cerreto is known as a pioneer of organic food in Italy. Their products are always certified. Cerreto has constantly been taking care of the quality of its products. They have over 2000 points of sale in Italy alone. Since 2015 the traditional brand has become part of the Fratelli Pagani SpA group. The current management keeps the tradition and history of the company alive, distinguishing itself simultaneously through the values of innovation, quality, and sustainability, constantly satisfying the consumers' needs and following the market trend.
Cerreto's mission

Producing the best organic food is Cerreto's ultimate mission. All over the years, their goal has been to offer only the best that nature can give. Cerreto also aims to spread a healthier and more conscious approach to nutrition. This is why they offer not only wholly organic products but also carefully controlled, tasty, and of the highest quality.
Meticulous attention to quality 

The strength of this company is the constant aspiration for the highest quality. Cerreto's fundamental and distinctive feature is the continuous attention paid to improving its quality standard from the raw materials. All raw materials are checked and tested through a rigid control system at every stage. The batches are tested to ensure that they meet the standards of organic agriculture. 

Magnifico's selection

We are proud of our selection of Cerreto's products. You will find: organic farro with kale; organic mix for "pasta all'arrabbiata"; organic farro with porcini mushrooms; organic farro with pumpkin; organic tex-mex stew; organic granular vegetable broth; organic bulgur with artichokes; organic mix for "soffritto & ragù"; organic bulgur with spicy fagioli rossi – beans; organic mix for "pasta aglio, olio & peperoncino"; organic bulgur with turmeric; organic soup with beans and spelt; organic bulgur pesto rosso.

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