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5 Must-Try Desserts from Southern Italy
May 31, 2024
Southern Italy is a paradise for dessert lovers with unique regional specialties. Explore 5 must-try desserts: Sicilian Cannoli, Neapolitan Babà, Pasticciotto Leccese, Susumelle Calabresi, and Maritozzo Romano. Explore Southern Italy and let yourself be conquered by this explosion of flavors and traditions!
5 Typical Desserts of Northern Italy
May 28, 2024
Northern Italy isn't just about pasta! Explore the region's delicious pastries with these 5 treats: Tiramisu (Veneto), Canestrelli (Liguria), Tegole (Valle d'Aosta), Panna Cotta (Piedmont), Strudel (Friulia Venezia Giulia).  
The Mountains on Your Plate: A Taste of Trentino’s Alpine Cuisine
May 07, 2024
Nestled amidst the Dolomites and the Alps, Trentino offers a rich and varied culinary landscape, shaped by a confluence of diverse cultures and distinct climates and altitudes. Its cuisine, deeply rooted in peasant tradition, is based on genuine and seasonal products, expertly crafted to enhance their authentic flavors.
Must-Try Dishes in Sardinia
Apr 23, 2024
Sardinia's rugged beauty and pristine beaches are only half the story. This Mediterranean Island boasts a rich culinary heritage, shaped by its pastoral and agricultural roots. From hearty peasant fare to decadent pastries, Sardinian cuisine is a delicious adventure waiting to be explored. 
Food in Turin: A Guide to the Best Things to Eat
Apr 09, 2024
Turin is a city with a rich history and culture, reflected in its food scene. From traditional Piemontese dishes to modern fare, there's something for everyone. Beyond its historical sites and museums, a world of flavor awaits adventurous gourmands. 
A Culinary Adventure: What to Eat in Bologna
Mar 26, 2024
Bologna, a vibrant city in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, is more than just the birthplace of lasagna (though they do that pretty well too!). This UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy offers a treasure trove of culinary delights, waiting to tantalize your taste buds.