Magnifico Producer Storytelling

San Carlo: A Legacy of Potato Chips and Italian Flavor
May 21, 2024
From Milanese rotisserie (1936) to Italian snack empire, San Carlo's legacy began with Francesco Vitaloni's irresistible potato chips. Decades of growth, family leadership, & innovation solidified their place as a leader in Italian flavor & quality. 
Tartuflanghe: A Journey from Tradition to Innovation in the World of Truffles
Apr 26, 2024
Tartuflanghe, an Italian company based in Alba, Piedmont, has been specializing in the processing and sale of fresh truffles and truffle-based products since 1975. Founded by Beppe Montanaro and his wife Domenica, the company boasts a long family tradition in the industry, which translates into a deep knowledge of truffles and a genuine passion for this precious ingredient.
From Humble Bakery to Global Success: The Rise of Mondo di Laura’s Cookies
Mar 29, 2024
This article chronicles the inspiring journey of Laura, a passionate baker who transformed her love for cookies into a thriving international business, “Il Mondo di Laura” (Laura’s World). It’s a testament to perseverance, adaptation, and the power of delicious treats.
Molino Grassi: Italian Flour & Semolina Milling Excellence Since 1934
Mar 12, 2024
For four generations, Molino Grassi has been a cornerstone of flour and semolina production in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, renowned for its rich agricultural heritage. Founded in 1934, this family-owned mill continues to deliver excellence, from sourcing high-quality wheat to crafting delicious possibilities for bakers and culinary professionals worldwide.
Portofino Fine Food: A Taste of Italian Excellence
Feb 20, 2024
Portofino is a philosophy, a celebration of savoring life's finest pleasures. Born from this very passion, Portofino Fine Food has translated this essence into a gourmet experience since 1981.
Acqua al 2: Where Florence’s Culinary Tradition Meets Global Flair
Dec 01, 2023
Acqua al 2 has been a beloved haven for locals and global travelers since its establishment in 1978. Nestled in the heart of Florence's historic center, this restaurant and bar offer a truly distinctive experience.