Vegetables in Oil

Check out our range of Mediterranean vegetables traditionally prepared and preserved “sott’olio” (in olive oil).

A healthy, tasty and colorful addition to any meal, they’re a must-have in any Italian kitchen!


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Cafona Artichokes in Oil 7.4 Oz
Caperberries 10.2 Oz
Caramelized Taggiasche Olives 3.5 Oz - Magnifico Food
Dried Porcini Mushrooms 0.8 Oz
Eggplants Caponata 6.3 Oz
Grilled Eggplants in Oil 7.4 Oz
Grilled Onions in Sunflower Oil 12 Oz - Magnifico Food
Grilled Peppers in Oil 7.4 Oz
Sicilian Green Olives 6.3 Oz - Magnifico Food