Pantry Food

Here you’ll find everything you need for a perfectly stocked Italian pantry!

From classic herbs and spices to mouth-watering nibbles, we’ve got you covered with our assortment of authentic products made in Italy and delivered straight to your door!


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Kettle Potato Chips 1.4 Oz
Pesto Potato Chips 5.29 Oz
Pesto Potato Chips 1.76 Oz
Tomato Potato Chips 5.29 Oz
Summer Truffle Slices in Olive Oil 1.23 Oz
Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Black Truffle Slices 3.38 Fl Oz
Extra Virgin Olive Oil With White Truffle Slices 3.38 Fl Oz
Grey Salt With Summer Truffle 1.06 Oz
White Salt With White Truffle 1.06 Oz
Truffle Perlage - Pearls of Winter Black Truffle Juice 1.76 Oz
Honey Mustard and White Alba Truffle 3.53 Oz
Parmigiano Reggiano PDO Truffle Cream 6.70 oz
White Truffle Risotto 8.81 Oz + Jar of Condiment 2.11 Oz
Tartufissima® N°19 - Egg Pasta with Truffle 8.82 oz
Truffle Breadsticks 4.23 Oz
Truffle Chips 3.53 Oz
White Truffle Chips 3.53 Oz
Tasty Italian Antipasto 12 Oz
Italian Salami Antipasto 12 Oz
Spicy Salame Schiacciata with Fennel Seeds 2.07 LB
Calabrese Bomba d'Amore Hot Pepper Sauce 9.87 OZ