Delizie di Calabria

Calabrese Bomba d'Amore Hot Pepper Sauce 9.87 OZ


Key Product Features

Craving an authentic taste adventure? Look no further than Bomba d'Amore, the extra-spicy hot sauce brimming with Calabrian passion! This hand-crafted "bomb" of flavor explodes with ground chili peppers and mixed vegetables, offering a bold, fiery punch for spice enthusiasts.

This extra spicy Bomba d'Amore hot sauce from Delizie di Calabria encapsulates a deep love for chili. A true regional delicacy, the typical Calabrian 'bombs' are crafted from ground chili peppers and mixed vegetables, offering a bold and fiery flavor for those who relish intense tastes. Packaged in original and creative designs, they make the perfect and most cherished gifts.

The Bomba d'Amore is an Extra Hot condiment made with Calabrian Chili and vegetables, perfect for adding a spicy kick to

Mixed vegetables (Calabrian hot pepper, eggplants, artichokes), olive oil, porcini mushrooms, salt, white vinegar, oregano.

Perfect for adding a spicy kick to any dish, be it pasta, meat, pizza, or simple crostinis.

This producer’s story begins in a florid and welcoming land, located in the deep south of Italy. A region where the sun shines 300 days and warms the heart 365 days a year, capital of the ancient Magna Graecia. Its name is Calabria.

Calabria has the extraordinary ability to unite sea and mountains in a small handkerchief. The environment was so perfect that the Calabrian people necessarily had to be devoted to agriculture and the enhancement of its true treasure: the land.

Here the chili has found its ideal habitat, becoming the elective fruit of a rich and nutritious gastronomic culture, healthy and respectful of the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. Together with chili there are other tasty ingredients such as Tropea Red Onion, Olives, Dried Tomatoes, Bergamot and many others. Each ingredient finds space on the tables but also in the pantries, full of delicious preserves. In fact, it was the custom of grandmothers to prepare “preserves” in jars, so that the product was kept available all year round and in all its freshness.

Delizie di Calabria wants to be ambassadors of chili pepper and Calabrian food, in Italy and in the world. Mimmo Scalise has inherited a mission: to bring good and fiery Calabrian food to the table of every connoisseur of spicy foods.

The company was founded in 1989 and it’s still proud to be family-run, engaged in the production of Calabrian chili and canned food.

What started out as a small artisan workshop located in the pretty town of Sersale, immersed in the enchanting setting of the Presila Catanzaro, is now a mature, evolved, larger and more aware company. The modern factory is located in Catanzaro and, despite its high technological value, it has remained committed to the original company values: respect for authenticity, enhancement of craftsmanship and constant pursuit of quality.