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Person of the month: Valeria Orani

Person of the month: Valeria Orani

If you meet her, she will give you a good vibe right away. It doesn't matter which is your personality. Like only the springtime can do with everybody. Full of energies and ideas, Valeria Orani is...
  • Donatella Mulvoni
Mediterranean diet for kids

Mediterranean diet for kids

Let's start right away with an assurance: if you are looking for a balanced, safe, and healthy nutritional system for your children, the Mediterranean diet is unquestionably one of the most excellent options.
  • Donatella Mulvoni
Bucatini: what happened in the Us Market?

Bucatini: what happened in the Us Market?

It was funny to read for Italians that at some point, there was a shortage of this pasta in the United States. From New York to Chicago, all grocery stores were left without...
  • Donatella Mulvoni
Product Description
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Fattorie Cremona is among the most important producers of Grana Padano. The inspection of the whole supply chain is carried out by controlling all stages of production, from cattle selection and feeding to processing the milk and up to the maturing stage in their warehouses and allows to obtain a product that is appreciated on the market for its high quality standards.

The packaging is vacuum packed, practical, safe and with a long shelf-life: this represents a convenient alternative to fresh cuts and guarantees long term freshness of the product along with easy conservation.

Milk, salt, rennet.

100% Made in Italy.

Cheese time is... now! Eat Grana Padano by itself accompanied by some fresh bread or grate it and sprinkle it on top of your favourite dishes.

Fattorie Cremona dairy was born in 1933 in the heart of the Padana plain at the initiative of a group of 19 farmers who made a courageous economic and entrepreneurial choice in forging the way for a co-operative system which showed itself in time to be a winner. A union of ideals, clarity of intentions and a strong bond between the milk providing partners, were the characteristics of the co-operative from the very start in order to be recognised on the market.

The determination of the directors resulted in extending the plans through time, renewing and modernising the production plants and with a gradual expansion in the market in Italy and abroad. Respect of tradition and consistent quality of the products along with successful strategic choices and an efficient sales organization has allowed Latteria Fattorie Cremona, in its eighty year history, to become more competitive and to be able to offer to an increasingly more selective and demanding customer, dairy produce of the highest quality.

Product Description
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With a sweet flavour and balanced aroma, Classico is a true pleasure for the palate.
Delicious notes of chocolate guarantee a sublime experience in every sip.

Aiello capsules are created using the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee, ensuring you always experience the taste of real Italian espresso.

All the Aiello blends are gluten-free and with no added flavours. They are characterized by their so-called “special roast” for which all raw mono-origin coffee beans, selected with the utmost care from the best coffee producing countries, are roasted separately in order to preserve and exalt the organoleptic characteristics of each variety. Only afterwards they are blended according to the secret recipes that the company has used for over 50 years.

The capsules are compatible with Nespresso espresso machines and their nutritional and organoleptic characteristics are not altered by external agents, thus maintaining the coffee’s quality until the expiration date.

A mixture of roasted ground coffee, packaged in protective atmosphere in 10 single-serving capsules to be used for preparation of coffee. 

Perfect for making espresso coffee!

The story of the Caffè Aiello roasting company has the charming aroma of days gone by, in a land where a business capable of making a name for itself outside the restricted local boundaries required a great deal of courage and determination.

This is a Calabrian story and it started with the founder, Gaetano Aiello, who was a hard-working, forward-thinking man, determined to experience and develop his biggest passion: his love for high quality Italian espresso coffee. Since 1967, this small artisanal roasting house has become a modern company, making coffee that is savoured and loved in many parts of the world.

A project which has developed a dream, making it reality, a vision that has always been the driving force behind the commitment Gaetano. The desire to enhance the taste of Italian espresso with high quality raw materials, creating a product that is capable of flying the flag of fine Italian production throughout the world.

Sku: Aie/Cap/Cla/2
Vendor: Aiello
Product Description

Dr. Pescia Chestnut Honey is made by bees which are placed in the chestnut woods of the coastal region of Tuscany. The bees, feeding from the nectar of Chestnut tree flowers, produce a honey which is dark golden-brown in colour with an intensely pungent flavour all it's own.

All of Pescia's honeys are raw, unpasteurised, unfiltered, and contain no artificial colours or sweeteners.

100% Italian Chestnut Honey.

Chestnut honey pairs marvellously with all sorts of savoury foods. Try it drizzled over pancakes, baked goods or with full-flavoured cheeses, like Gorgonzola or Stilton for a truly unique cheese course.

Paolo Pescia, a passionate second-generation honey maker, practices "nomadic" beekeeping. He transports his beehives to seasonally-flowering zones and protected national parks located from the coast of Tuscany to its hills. He uses this practice to produce monofloral honeys of stunning quality and flavour. All production is done by hand, including the scraping of the honey from their combs.

Vendor: Dr. Pescia
Maximum quantity available reached.
Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

This simple risotto mix is absolutely delicious, healthy and simple to prepare.  Made exclusively with Carnaroli rice milled by Tenuta Margherita in the capital of the Piedmont region of Italy.

Superfine Carnaroli rice (94%), vegetable seasoning without glutamate (salt, potato flour, yeast extract, potato maltodextrin, dehydrated vegetables (onion, carrot, celery and parsley), artichokes 1,6%, garlic, onion, parsley.

In a pot, empty the content of the box and sautèe the rice together with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for about one minute on moderate flame, stir and simmer with white wine until reduced.

Gradually pour about 3 cups of water while stirring, until water reduces and the risotto reaches the desired consistency (approx. 17 minutes).

When it is almost ready, add a knob of butter, parmesan cheese and salt.

Some stories have no boundary or age, and they are simply deep-rooted in history.
Our story starts very far back in the year 1904, when an idea and a few simple emotions find their home in a farmhouse, immersed in the Piedmont countryside.
This is where Tenuta Margherita was born.

Simple, like our constant and relentless pursuit of quality, show in our smallest gestures and in the attention we pay to every moment throughout the processing of our rice.
Unchanged like the emotions that, even after a hundred years, still characterize our work, from a freshly picked grain of rice to the pride of a mission that is devoted to excellence in all its forms.

It is at distant past, therefore, that our history starts, just as we are focusing on the years to come. The attention that we pay to to our traditions cannot distract our attention towards the future and the challenges that it will bring.
It is in the 300 hectares of land of Tenuta Margherita that Davide Brusa has seen the full potential to grow and bring our goals forward.

Sku: Mar/Ris/Art/8.8

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