Jam & Cream

We make a delicious and wholesome assortment of Jams and Creams in an array of popular varieties, flavors and textures, as well as in Zero Additives and natural options. 

Each of our Italian Jams & Creams is selected to give you the highest quality available:  the very best material from the very best growers.


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Blueberry Sauce
$18.99 $19.99
Blueberry Sauce
Chocolate from Modica Sweet Cream 6.34 Oz - Magnifico Food
Fig Jam 12.35 Oz
Apricot Jam 12.35 Oz
Orange Jam 12,35 Oz
Cherry Jam 12.35 Oz
Berries Jam 11.64 Oz
Spreadable Cocoa & Hazelnut Cream with crumbled Chocolate Cantucci 7.05 Oz
Blackberry Jam 12.35 Oz
Wildflower Honey 17.64 Oz
Nougat Butter With Almond and Pistachio 6.34 Oz
Strawberry Jam 12.35 Oz
Hazelnut Butter 6.36 Oz
Orange Honey 17.64 Oz