Cream & Sauce

Ready to eat and packed with flavours, our selection of creams and sauces is varied and versatile! Stir into pasta or risotto or simply spread onto bread for a decadent treat!


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Butter and Truffle 2.8 Oz
Sold Out -8%
Truffle Gatherer's Sauce 3.17 Oz - Magnifico Food
Capers Patè 6.34 Oz
Marinara Tomato Sauce 24 Oz
Trapanese Pesto 6.34 Oz - Magnifico Food
Calabrian Pesto 6.35 OZ
Basil Tomato Sauce 24 Oz
Calabrese Bomba d'Amore Hot Pepper Sauce 9.87 OZ
Sicilian Pizza Sauce 12.3 Oz
Parmigiano Reggiano PDO Truffle Cream 6.70 oz