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Spicy Box + Gift Card

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All things hot & spicy in one box! Are you or any of your friends chili pepper lovers? This box contains all deliciously spicy products (10 items), from sauces to paté to olive oil!

Write in the note field of your order the message of the gift card you want to add to your box!

In the case that one or more of the items in your box is temporarily unavailable at the time of your order, we will replace it with a comparable item of equal or greater value.

The box contains:
- Chilli Pepper Fettuccine 8.8 Oz
- Crushed Chili Peppers 9.87 Oz
- Arrabbiata Sauce 24 Oz
- Cherry Peppers with Pecorino Cheese 9.52 OZ

Authentic Italian gift for real food lovers.

- Filotea
- Delizie di Calabria

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