Columbus Day

Columbus Day: the things you didn’t know

Oct 11, 2020Donatella Mulvoni
The parade will be virtual, Italian food  is always real and thanks to Magnifico Food, it will arrive at your house! Don’t miss the 20% off for all items, using the code CD20,  valid only for Columbus Day.

This year to remember the day when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas, don’t go out, there will be no parade on Fifth Avenue. But don’t worry, Italians know how to make noise. Let’s meet online, same party, with songs, dance and many live performances, but safier in these times where the health emergency imposes social distance and prudence. 

Andrea Bocelli will perform among the others
As tradition wants, Columbus Day will be celebrated on the Second Monday in October. ABC7NY, partner with the Columbus Citizens Foundation, will present live coverage of the parade.  Among the personalities, Andrea Bocelli will perform from his hometown in Italy. For the virtual parade, Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo will be the 2020 Grand Marshal, for his strong ties to his Italian heritage and for the leadership role he has played during the pandemic. “This has been a year of challenges for our Italian-American community and the country, but I promise we will be back bigger and better next year", Columbus Citizens Foundation Board Chairman Angelo Vivolo said.

Italian contribution in American culture is huge
October is also considered Italian-American Heritage Month. The goal is to recognize the achievements of Italian-Americans. Could you imagine that over 26 million Americans in the US have italian descent? We all know the contribution Italians gave to the United States. It is huge in every field: art, politics, food, fashion, entertainment. 

Italians changed the way americans speak
Italians also changed a bit the american vocabulary. Today the American English dictionary has evidence of this magnificent osmosis. Commonly known as loan words, these words are largely common in modern English language. We are referring not only to the italian food (for instance latte, barista, espresso, cappuccino, broccoli, zucchini, prosciutto, panini, calamari, etc.). Music can be a brilliant example with words such as soprano, cello, piano, largo, crescendo, forte etc.; and architecture with al fresco or studio.

Magnifico Food: let’s help you to feel like you are in Italy
Magnifico Team is engaged for more than one year now to bring to american houses only the best italian food we have in our country. Day by Day we add new items and brands: not only pasta, extra virgin olive oil, risotto, coffee, we have tomato sauce and other sauces, pantries, high quality italian chocolate, italian vegetables in oil, and gift boxes. We also have our blog community and many recipes always ready for you.  Only for Columbus Day you will have 20% off in all items, using the code CD20. 

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