Eric Adams wants to educate New Yorkers about healthy eating

Eric Adams wants to educate New Yorkers about healthy eating

May 04, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

The new mayor of New York is an enthusiast vegan and is very focused on food and diet. 

Improving nutrition for New Yorkers

The Big Apple's new mayor Eric Adams has no doubt: to improve the living conditions of New Yorkers, we need to improve their eating habits. This is a resolution that we at Magnifico can only applaud. As the Gothamist highlights, "In truth, experts say time and money constraints, as well as a segregated food system, make it difficult for the poorest New Yorkers to eat the kind of diet that helped Adams himself manage his Type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease afflicting close to 1 million New Yorkers." Eating healthy and taking care of one's diet by improving food quality is equivalent to living better. On the other hand, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said, "Let Food be your Medicine and let Medicine be your Food." The wise Hippocrates was right. We are what we eat. The food we eat determines the health of our bodies. 

Eric Adams aims to educate his fellow networkers to eat healthy and balanced

Vegan Fridays in city schools are among his innovative initiatives. These days, school cafeterias offer plant-based menus to encourage students to include more vegetables in their diets. "Eric Adams - explains the New York Times in a recent report - wasted little time following up on his campaign promise to be a champion for all things plant-based. Just a month after taking the oath as New York City's mayor, he announced that the city's public schools — the largest school system in the nation — would set aside one day each week to serve only vegan meals. The reviews for Vegan Fridays, which began in February, were mixed." 

Better food for all

Mayor Adams has always been very attentive to nutrition as an indicator of mental and physical well-being. The New York Times reports the words of Mayor Adams who commented his vision: "There is a level of connectivity with food policies that we have often ignored. There is no better way to strengthen your immune system than the right food." The new actions he has proposed will increase the distribution of plant-based meals in institutions like jails and prisons, and shelters. Not only that. Adams also aims to improve the distribution of healthy foods in traditionally poorer neighborhoods improving nutrition in food-insecure neighborhoods by offering financial incentives for grocery stores to stock healthy foods", continues the New York Times. New York's first citizens have always been somewhat sensitive to the issue of healthy eating. Adam's predecessor, Mayor Bill de Blasio had already tried to raise awareness by requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts on menus. Now Mayor Adams is considering reviving an effort to tax sales of sugary sodas, as did former mayor Michael Bloomberg who also banned restaurants from using most trans fats.

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