Father’s Day: history and way to celebrate

Father’s Day: history and way to celebrate

Jun 14, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
Father’s Day is coming up. In Italy, we celebrate dads in march, but in the United States, it’s always the third Sunday in June.

Let’s honor our dads and father figures

Everywhere in the world, it’s a moment to honor fathers and father figures. It’s also an unofficial holiday to pay attention to the role of being fathers and the influence they have in our society. Let's see together how many ways there are to celebrate and honor our dads. First, though, we just want to remember the origin of Father’s Day.

Did you hear about Sonora?

It began in 1910, thanks to the efforts of a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. According to History.com, this young lady at the time was raised with her siblings by her father. His wife was dead, and he was a veteran of the Civil War. Sonora was amazed by her father, who, without ever complaining, had managed never to make the kids lack for anything with great effort and difficulty. Sonora started to think of a way to pay back in some way; she began to think about the necessity to have a special day to celebrate dads and moms (Mother’s Day was recognized two years earlier). Father’s Day didn’t come up quickly after she had the idea. She campaigned in fact for a long time, she spoke with people at the church or with local politicians. The first state to decide to join the battle and honor dads was Washington State. It was 1910. Over the years, little by little, Father’s Day was recognized nationally. Since 1970, thanks to a resolution passed by the Congress, the third Sunday of June has been the day to celebrate fatherhood. 

In Italy, however…

Father's Day was established in 1968. Italy celebrates “la festa del papà” on March 19According to Catholic traditions, indeed, in Nazareth on March 19 of the first century AD died Joseph, husband of Mary and legal father of Jesus. Italians celebrate dads with the traditional "zeppole di San Giuseppe", delicious fried sweets made with custard and black cherry.

How are you going to celebrate your dad?

Did you already think about a special act or gift able to make your father happy? Being a food community, our advice is of course to find the time to stay home and cook a good meal for the family. We can't remember this enough: food is a language of love. You don’t have to be a chef, or you don’t have to make complex dishes. It’s unbelievable how even the worst recipe becomes gourmet if it was prepared by someone we love. 


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