Five things Italians can't give up

Five things Italians can't give up

Feb 25, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Italians wouldn't be able to survive without some things. First, you know, is food! Here is our rating of Italian obsessions.

Things Italians can't live without

Many of you love Italy. How can you blame yourself? We're undoubtedly biased, but Italy is one of the most charming countries in the world. There must be a reason why every year millions of tourists come to Belpaese to explore our culture, our food traditions, our art, and our unforgettable natural beauty. However, if you want to know the Italian soul a little more intimately, here is a guide (admittedly very reductive) of the things Italians love most and would not ever give up. Spoiler alert: there are many clichés...but they often hide great truths!

  1. Cibo e vino

Italians cannot live without good food and good wine. Without falling into clichés, it is undeniable that eating well is fundamental for us. Food – il cibo – is one of the crucial features of Italian culture, and it is taken extremely seriously. An essential element of the meal is certainly the company. Italians eat slowly, chatting with their fellow diners and enjoying the moment. Food, in short, is a shared experience. Food and company are always complemented by a good glass of wine. Rarely you will meet Italians not devoted to this "trinity."

  1. Calcio

As you know, Soccer is the most popular and loved sport in Italy. We can say, without exaggeration, that for many Italians, it is a sort of religion. As somebody said, Soccer is the only religion in Italy with no atheists. "Il calcio" is a cultural identity; it is a part of our lifestyle. The late Luciano De Crescenzo, a beloved Neapolitan author, and director, once said: "Soccer is the only form of eternal love that exists in the world. He who supports a team will support it forever. He could change his wife, his lover, and his political party, but never his favorite team." Is there anything else to add?

  1. Musica e arte

Italy is the home of beauty. It will be enough for you to take just one walk in a little town, in a city of art, on a beach, or in a natural park to understand how the nation is literally immersed in beauty. Art, music, and landscape are closely connected and indispensable.

  1. Famiglia

La famiglia is crucial for Italians. While in other countries such as the U.S., young people become independent very early, in Italy instead many stay at home for years into adulthood. In general, Italian families remain as a close unit for generations.

  1. Fashion

Do you remember the old adage "speak English, kiss French, drive German, and dress Italian"? There is a kernel of truth to it. Leaving aside the excellence of the Italian fashion industry, good taste in dressing also concerns ordinary people. Rarely you will meet Italians who don't like to dress well.

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