Food Astrology

Food Astrology

Feb 28, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

Do you believe it? According to astrologers, each zodiac sign can be associated with a food or cuisine.

Horoscope and food

What we have on our tables, say a lot about us. Have you ever heard of food astrology? It is one of the branches of astrology. It provides insights about people based on their zodiac signs. Astrologers believe that there is a strong connection between food and zodiac signs. They think that your Horoscope determines your diet and your preferences. Look at our list and tell us if you recognize yourself in your zodiac sign.

ARIES - Aries is a fire sign, an energetic and passionate sign. You are attracted to foods with a spicy flavor. You like hearty dishes and intense flavors.

TAURUS - You are strong-willed and know precisely what you like. Even at the table! You love the table and are attentive to food, drink, and especially company and beverages. One of your favorite dishes is grilled steak.

GEMINI - You are always a little indecisive, even at the dinner table. The good news is that you are very creative and love to experiment. Green light to exotic and unusual foods. Colorful dishes, carpaccio, and crudités are among the most beloved.

CANCER - Cancer is a water and summer sign. So it is clear that you love fish, shellfish, and fresh foods. You like delicate, nonspicy flavors. 

LEO - Decisive and majestic even at the dinner table! Lions love gourmet foods such as truffles, oysters, and champagne. In general, you like fatty, well-seasoned, and spicy foods. 

VIRGO - Virgo is an earth sign. You prefer quality and love fruits and vegetables. You want to eat healthy and light at the table because you are not only concerned with your form but also with your health.

LIBRA - You do not like to overdo it. At the table, you do not like excess. The watchword for you is balance. However, you do not know how to give up dessert.

SCORPIO - You have a sweet tooth but at the same time love healthy, traditional foods. You really like chocolate and spicy foods. You are passionate people and want your food to be vibrant as well.

SAGITTARIUS - You enjoy eating and always have an appetite. You like to experiment and alternate between traditional and more exotic cuisines. You are also creative in the kitchen.

CAPRICORN - You are very down-to-earth and reliable, which is why you also show that you have clear ideas at the table. You enjoy warm and traditional foods. 

AQUARIUS - You are a water sign, so you love harmony and enjoy eating healthy. You like to eat well but prefer simple and uncomplicated foods.  

PISCES - You have a very balanced relationship with food. You do not like excess, but you like sweet foods. A characteristic of yours is creativity. That is why you love a well-presented dish.

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