Have you ever been to a sagra?

Have you ever been to a sagra?

Nov 29, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Those fairs are fantastic opportunities to sample local specialties. Here are some of Italy's most fascinating fall festivals.


Italians love their local "sagre"

Sagre (the plural form of singular 'sagra') are local fairs where you can taste the typical specialties of the area. Most of the time you will eat very well because the inhabitants of the host town prepare your food. According to the last count, every year in Italy are celebrated about 42 thousand local festivals. Some of them are sumptuous, crowded, and very popular (some have become famous worldwide); others are definitely smaller but no less amusing. They are held literally in every region throughout Italy. Fall is the perfect season to enjoy a beautiful sagra. There are countless scenic festivals dedicated to seasonal products such as truffles, mushrooms, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and wine. The season of grape harvest has always been a time of celebration.


The perfect opportunity to taste local food

By now, you know it: every Italian city has its own culinary treasure. Visiting a sagra is an excellent opportunity to taste new food and discover new gastronomic gems. These food festivals, indeed, appeal to locals as well tourists. What makes sagre special, however, is also the excited and jovial atmosphere. Not infrequently, you will also find live music. These feasts are also an excellent opportunity to explore historic towns and little villages. Here are some of Italy's most charming fall sagre.


Festa dell'Uva

Festa dell'Uva is very common during the grape harvest season. Many hill towns -prolific wine producers – have their own wine-themed celebration. Those festivals offer everyone a chance to appreciate the quality of local grapes and wines. At the same time, though, visitors can learn about the production process.


Truffle Fairs

One of the most famous festivals in Italy is the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, one of the leading showcases of high gastronomy and Italian excellence in the beautiful Piedmont region. This event is usually scheduled between October and December, with a rich program of cooking shows with legendary chefs and workshops on wine and truffles.



Chestnuts are also one of the most celebrated products in the fall season across the Italian boot. If you love this product, you can find several festivals dedicated to chestnuts from north to south.



A noteworthy event is undoubtedly the famous Eurochocolate held in autumn in the beautiful city of Perugia. It is one of the most famous gastronomical events in Italy. We recommend it if, like us, you love chocolate. In Perugia you will find every kind of chocolate!

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