International Women’s Day: Mimosa and Traditions in Italy

International Women’s Day: Mimosa and Traditions in Italy

Mar 08, 2024Federico Milone

March 8th marks International Women's Day, a global celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. This year’s theme is “Embrace Equity”, emphasizing the need to actively challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination.

Italy boasts a rich history of celebrating Women’s Day. The custom dates back to 1946, when Rita Montagnana and Teresa Mattei, two prominent figures in the Italian women’s movement, chose the mimosa flower (Silver Wattle) as a symbol of the day.

Why Mimosa?

The mimosa, with its bright yellow blossoms, perfectly embodies the qualities of femininity and strength. It blooms in early March, coinciding with the date of the celebration, and is readily available, making it an accessible symbol for all women.

The Choice of Mimosa: A Story of Resilience

While the violet was initially considered, its high cost and scarcity after the war made it impractical. Teresa Mattei, a former partisan, famously challenged the notion of women’s limited reasoning with a witty retort: “There are men who don’t reason every day of the month".

Mattei, along with Rita Montagnana and Teresa Noce, proposed adopting a much more economical flower that bloomed at the end of winter and was easy to find in the fields: this is how the idea of the mimosa was born. Years later, in an interview, she said:

“The mimosa was the flower that the partisans gave to the couriers. It reminded me of the struggle in the mountains and could be gathered in bunches for free.”

Traditions in Italy

On Women's Day in Italy, men traditionally give women mimosa bouquets as a gesture of appreciation and respect. 

Beyond Symbolism

While exchanging mimosa and celebrating women’s achievements are important traditions, the true essence of Women’s Day lies in fostering gender equality and empowering women in all spheres of life. It is a day to reflect on the progress made and recommit to creating a world where all women can thrive and reach their full potential.

By embracing equity and taking action, we can create a more inclusive and just world for all.

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Happy Women’s Day!


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