Is baking a form of therapy?

Is baking a form of therapy?

Jan 25, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Yes, according to psychologists. Several studies show the positive impact baking has on all aspects of our lives. It also helps mitigate anxiety.

Heat up your oven, express yourself

As Mary Berry (English food writer, chef, baker, and television presenter) once said, "Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy." She was right! According to science, baking is a form of therapy and has many psychological benefits. Baking can be really beneficial when it's done for yourself, your loved ones, or simply for others. Donna Pincus (associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Boston University) told Huffington Post: "Baking has the benefit of allowing people creative expression. There's a lot of literature for connection between creative expression and overall wellbeing. Whether it's painting or it's making music or baking, there is a stress relief that people get from having some kind of an outlet and a way to express themselves." In other words, it is an extraordinary and creative way to express yourself and communicate your feelings.

Baking is a love language

Baking for your loved ones is a way of saying "I love you." As Susan Whitbourne (professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts) told Huffington Post, "It can be helpful for people who have difficulty expressing their feelings in words to show thanks, appreciation or sympathy with baked goods." Food has always symbolized care. It has both emotional and spiritual importance.

Baking relieves stress and anxiety

Several studies show that baking reduces stress while increasing happiness. Think about that: when people feel anxious, usually they do something trying to distract themselves. The care and attention you devote to preparing your cake or cookies, weighing and mixing ingredients result in stress reduction. It takes us away from the thoughts that cause us anxiety and stress. On Delish, Sarah Weinberg reports Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill (professor of psychology at the University of Texas, San Antonio) view on baking: "The smell of spices and vanilla are comforting, and often remind us of happy times. Olfactory scents are particularly linked to areas of the brain that involve emotions and memory. Mixing inert substances together, and watching them rise can bring out the mystic, or the chemist, in all of us."

Our selection of flour and yeast

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