It is National Cappuccino Day!

It is National Cappuccino Day!

Nov 08, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Today we celebrate the delicious Italian coffee drink


The perfect frothy drink 

Mark your calendar! November 8th is National #CappuccinoDay! How to celebrate this holiday? All you need is a hot, creamy, frothy cup of delicious cappuccino sprinkled with some cocoa. Enjoy your perfect cup of heaven or indulge in the ideal Italian breakfast: "cornetto and cappuccino," a warm cappuccino with a nice croissant. Watch out for the foam! An expert barista will grace your cappuccino with creative and artistic designs, just pouring milk on top of your coffee. Remember to use #CappuccinoDay to post your favorite cappuccino on social media!


Fun facts about cappuccino

A fun thing to know is that the name "cappuccino" comes from the Italian word "cappuccio," literally the hood or hat. Why this name? According to the legend, the first to "invent" this beverage was a friar of the Capuchin order, Marco da Aviano, sent in 1683 by the Pope in Vienna. Father D'Aviano could not drink black coffee, so he asked for something to sweeten it, thus creating the mixture of cream, coffee, and sugar baptized "cappuccino," from the color of the Capuchin monk's robe. Therefore, a beverage called "Kapuziner" showed for the first time in Austria in the Viennese cafes in the 1700s. As we know it today, the real cappuccino made its triumphal entry into Italy in the early 1900a, with the spread of the espresso machines dated 1901. According to scholars, the first cappuccino was recorded in the 1930s. In the United States, cappuccino is a reasonably recent "trend." It became popular in the Eighties, with the flourish of the American coffee industry. In New York City, nonetheless, the famous and beloved Caffe Reggio in the Greenwich Village, is proud to be the first in the United States to serve cappuccino in 1927.


A perfect proportion

According to the traditional Italian recipe, cappuccino is the perfect blend of espresso, warm milk, steamed milk (creamy) foam, and sugar. According to experts, there is no official recipe, but a cappuccino must always consist of 2/3 milk (of which 1/3 is the foam) and 1/3 coffee. A perfect cappuccino needs the freshest milk and the best quality coffee. Needless to say, creamy foam is the essential element of a flawless cappuccino. When you steam the milk, you create a foam introducing bubbles of air into the milk. This operation gives the milk its distinctive velvety texture. Some baristas use cream instead of milk, but in Italy the real cappuccino is rigorously made with only milk.


It is a matter of time

In Italy, our beloved cappuccino is traditionally consumed in the morning as part of breakfast. As said, "cornetto and cappuccino" is the most authentic of the Italian breakfast. There is no official ban on cappuccino after breakfast, but you will not find many Italians drinking the beverage after 11 am.

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