It is truffle season!

It is truffle season!

Sep 26, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Enrich your table! Truffle is the perfect ingredient to create delicious recipes. Take a look at our gift truffle box.

Truffles, a very ancient tradition

Truffles have long been used and loved in Europe. If you look back, even Romans knew this powerful ingredient. This fungus, known for its aroma, is now becoming mainstream in the United States. As many write, we can find a truffle dish in a Michelin restaurant and also at the grocery store if you look for truffle oil or truffle cheese.

Of course, the value is very different. Black and white truffles, the two most common varieties, could cost up to $10,000 per pound. Among them, there are flavor differences and different shapes. Black truffle usually is larger; the best variety is in France. The white truffles, instead, are the most highly-priced. The best quality is in Italy, Piedmont

Today, truffle is the king in the kitchen

We can use them to season pasta or meat. The season is coming! Leaving summer and the warm weather on our back, truffle hunters are ready to go to work. The scent is so strong that they bring dogs or even pigs because these animals are famous for their incredible sense of smell. Olfaction is, in fact, very important because truffles grow underground. 

Not for everyone? 

But truffles, unfortunately, are not for everybody's possibilities. As we already mentioned, the price can be very high. That's why, recently, the market started to season different ingredients with truffle flavor. Today, truffle occupy a vital role in the culinary world. Experts like to say that it has become a widespread trend. For example, it's infrequent in New York City to find a pizzeria that hasn't the truffle oil to make the pizza more gourmet and particular. Also, in restaurants, it looks like the menu is full of dishes with truffle treatment: pastas, cheeses, and truffle French fries. Truffle aroma is the key to making a regular dinner "special."

Truffle Magnifico gift box: take it or buy it as a gift!

Magnifico team will help you to do that even in your house, when you cook for friends or family or for a date! We created the perfect box for truffle lovers. It's a box with three unique ingredients: 1 truffle risotto, very easy to prepare, following all the instructions; 1 box of pasta, and 1 olive oil with white truffle. The white truffle oil could be a perfect condiment for pasta and bruschetta. One crucial thing you must remember when you want to explore this world: truffle goes with fatty food. So, you can use it with cream, butter, cheeses, and eggs.

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