It's Summer: time to stay hydrated!

It's Summer: time to stay hydrated!

Jun 15, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

As Summer rapidly approaches, its time to trade in our wintry, hot teas for refreshing cool drinks! 



Staying hydrated is especially important as the weather gets hotter. Everyone’s water intake is different, however, it’s always crucial to replace the water content we lose while sweating. To stay healthy and focused, in fact, preventing dehydration is a must. If 60% of the human body is made up of water, it must be crucial!



We all know that it can be hard to drink only water — sometimes we just need something more fun, peculiar, and refreshing. In this case, it’s important to take care to avoid unhealthy — and, paradoxically, often dehydrating — sugary drinks, as ubiquitous and inexpensive as they may be. That’s why we suggest bringing a bottle of water with you wherever you go, or making your own drinks, mixing water with lemon juice, fruit, or natural sweeteners like honey or agave. You can also opt for coconut water or cold mint tea. You can make your own, mint- flavored cold brew by allowing your leaves to steep in cold water overnight. Try adding some almond milk to this mixture after it’s ready — it will feel more satisfying, and you will combine mint’s healthy digestive properties with the hydration of mineral-rich almond milk.



If you don't have time to make your own drinks, or if you haven’t found a recipe that hits the mark, don’t worry: Galvanina will come to your rescue. For over a century, this Italian brand has been bottling mineral water. Nowadays, however, it also offers a range of delicious flavored water and organic carbonated drinks. The brand offers a healthy, low-calorie, organic, and hydrating way to enjoy just about any flavor, from pomegranate to orange sodas, as well as any type of iced tea you can imagine. Check out our selection of Galvanina drinks!

Magnifico food will bring your beverages right to your door. Drink, stay hydrated, and enjoy your summer!

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