National Pasta Day

National Pasta Day: thank you, Agromonte and Pasta Cuomo!

Oct 17, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

On October 17th we celebrate pasta, one of the most popular foods in the world. Our pasta brands represent Italian excellence.


Today is a special day for Magnifico, and for Italy’s cuisine: it’s national pasta day. We want to dedicate this day to all our brands that bring to the United States the best of our cuisine. Agricola Piano and Pasta Cuomo are two phenomenal Italian companies. The first is an Apulian company that transforms its own produce into high-quality foods, from oil to pasta. The ultimate goal of the company is to produce well-being and to bring to the consumer the traditions of Puglia. Pasta Cuomo was created in Gragnano, and it traces its roots to the 1840s.


There are so many pasta shapes, you could eat a different one every day for a year!

Pasta is like an hamburger, a bagel, they don’t taste all the same. Anyone can make a bowl of pasta, but it requires effort and knowledge to choose the pasta shape that can transform an every day lunch into a memorable experience. 

There is such a variety of pasta shapes that we could name one for every week of the year, be it fresh or dried. We have: fusilli, with its elegant shape, rigatoni, penne, tortellini, ravioli, fettuccine, orecchiette etc... As we said, it’s easy to say: “a dish of pasta,” but the days of the year are not enough to name all of the kinds. Add to this variety a vast array of sauce combinations you can make: bolognese sauce, veggie sauce, tomato sauce, seafood sauce, carbonara sauce, cheese sauce, and more!


Thomas Jefferson introduced pasta to the United States

Only if you know all the options you have (follow our blog to always have the best advice and the best ideas) you will never get tired. Pasta is one of the foods that people eat the most all around the world. Pasta is one of the most common foods around the world. Few people know, however, that it was Thomas Jefferson, ambassador to France from 1785 to 1789, who introduced pasta to the United States, after having tasted it in Naples. He brought a pasta machine home to Monticello. He loved to make macaroni,  starting an ongoing, long, and happy marriage between Americans and pasta.


Happy national pasta day: let’s have a double portion today to celebrate!

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