Pasta, all the things you didn't know

Pasta, all the things you didn't know

Dec 18, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

It is the most famous Italian food, but there are some things about it that you didn’t know and will surprise you! Magnifico Team made a short list for you.

Even the most famous Italian food has some secrets

We all know what is and we all know its flavor. It’s pasta, one of the first words an Italian kid learns how to say. It is typically known that pasta is one of the Italian food people like the most. Italians eat it almost every day and Americans too, they like to have it a few times a week. Still, there are many things you may not know. Magnifico Team wants to tell you some curiosities about Italian pasta.

8 Things you don't know about pasta 

1. The most famous recipe with pasta in the world is spaghetti with meatballs and macaroni. But pasta and tomato sauce didn’t start their journey together.  They start to be the beautiful combination we experienced around the 1700s and it didn’t become a popular dish until the 1800s. At the beginning pasta was eaten dry.

2. It was Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, at the time ambassador, the first person to bring pasta to America, at the end of 1700.

3. There are more than 350 kinds of pasta. Most of them are regional. So, it is also difficult for Italians to know all of them. Some of them have really weird meanings. Just a few: “Linguine” means little tongues, “Orecchiette”: small ears, “Spaghetti”: little strings.

4. Because pasta contains carbs, a dish of pasta gives you energy and, to be sure, will make you happier. The carbohydrates increase the body’s production of serotonin which is responsible for our well-being. And it is not accurate to say that pasta will make you fat, you need just to choose the good amount and the light sauce to season it.

5. Another little secret from our tradition: Carbonara pasta does not have cream in it. The main ingredients are: pancetta, eggs, Parmigiano, pasta, and extra virgin olive oil.

6. We often say: Pasta needs too much time! Better a sandwich! It’s not true… even if you have nothing at home, but pasta and olive oil, that’s perfect. Spaghetti with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and some chili pepper is one of the most loved recipes.

7. Italians put parmesan cheese on everywhere. We simply love parmesan, it is one of our main ingredients and one of the tastiest. But sometimes it just doesn't fit. For example, it is a must to prepare any recipe with seafood without putting any cheese in it. It will kill all the flavors, so never do that.

8. If we go back in ancient times, the pasta makers kneaded pasta barefoot. They were used to doing that with their favorite music. Only later, after the nineteenth century, it started to be a modern industry.

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