pizza and beer day

Pizza & Beer Day!

Oct 09, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

It’s the perfect marriage: pizza and beer.

They go so well along, that we are sure 100% they will never break up.

We celebrate this union today, October 9, cheering to the International Beer and Pizza Day.  Both beer and pizza have many varieties of each. It’s amazing to see how this combination is loved by many different cultures. If this combination is a pretty new concept, Pizza was created long ago in Italy, it's one of the italian foods that we love the most.

Don’t forget that October is considered National Pizza Month, but also is Italian Heritage Month; in a few days we will celebrate Columbus Day, this year in a virtual way. 

Let’s go back to the pizza and beer day. How to celebrate? Nothing easier: call some friends, order the type of pizza you like ( neapolitan or sicialian, for example), the flavour, and take a very cold beer. You can simply chat with your friends, or watch a movie or a sports event.

Don’t stay alone, beer tastes better when you can enjoy it with the people you love. Cheers from the Magnifico team to you all! Stay happy and safe!

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