Sober Curious, it's a movement!

Sober Curious, it's a movement!

Oct 04, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Gen Z drinks less than millennials. They also avoid dining out. Instead, they prefer to prepare their meals at home. How the habits of the very young are changing.


Sober Curious: drinking less or not at all


It is a cultural shift! Young people do not like hangovers and dining out. They are generally more balanced at the dinner table than the generation, the MillennialsGeneration Z, colloquially known as zoomers, was born from 1997 to 2012. The trend has now become a movement, confirmed even after the pandemic. "There's sober curious – explains Teen Vogue - which describes dabbling in a lifestyle of drinking less or not at all; there's "mindful drinking," which is about becoming more intentional about one's relationship with alcohol; and of course, there's sobriety, in which people abstain from drinking completely. And it's not uncommon for young people to choose a different relationship with alcohol – research has shown that Gen Z drinks less than millennials." Another related phenomenon is the so-called sober dates. For example, over a third of the people using Hinge (especially among people of 18 to 24-year-olds) are more willing to go on a sober date. Sober dates are a lot cheaper and surely healthier!


Less alcohol, more marijuana


Among Gen Z, less alcohol is consumed; in return, they prefer to use marijuana. They are "California sober" (so-called in honor of weed-friendly California). In any case, experts advise that replacing alcohol with marijuana isn't necessarily a safer choice. The best thing is always to seek support from a professional or a doctor.


No more restaurants!


Millennials spend the most at restaurants; Gen Z is trading eating out at restaurants and diners for inexpensive options like cooking at home. Eating at home is not only good for your health because it allows you to choose your food carefully; it is also a way to save money.


What's on the Gen Z table


Young consumers prefer additive-free food, organic, and natural. In other words, they prioritize wellness and healthy habits. It seems that Gen Z is the most health-focused generation. Another interesting finding is that they prefer vegetable options to meat. Gen Z consumers love plant-based foods more than Millennials.

An interesting example is an inclination for unrefined oils. The tendency is to prefer extra virgin olive oil. For products like this, a website like Magnifico can really make a difference. In fact, the fundamental idea is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, guaranteed by manufacturers with very high production standards. According to the needs of Gen Z but also of all those who prefer natural and strictly high-quality foods.

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