Staying fit & healthy while on vacation?

Staying fit & healthy while on vacation?

Aug 05, 2020Arianna Scutiero

It is time to finally go on a well-deserved vacation, without worrying about work... at least for a couple of weeks.



Every year we face the same dilemma: where should we go for summer vacation? The beach, the mountain, beautiful cities, or vast parks? Whichever destination you choose (obviously we are always rooting for Italian vacations!) one thing is certain: it is crucial to maintain healthy behaviors that allow us to return home rested, relaxed, and without any extra pounds! You don't want to come back feeling worse than when you left!



Choose a healthy breakfast: when you are on vacation, it’s good to enjoy indulgent foods and treats, but try not to overdo it! If you want to try something delicious but unhealthy, share a portion with your friends or family. Also try to eat as many veggies you can, since they will help you stay full, hydrated, and healthy. Most importantly, walk as much as you can!



We know, it's summer. What's more relaxing than a drink (or two…or three) with friends? Italians agree... after all, they invented the aperitivo! The only rule to follow is to avoid drinking too much. Remember that alcoholic drinks are empty calories. This means that you have calories but no nutrients: the result of too much alcohol is unwanted weight gain!



Dehydration is your enemy, both on vacation and at home. Always carry a bottle of water! Water will help you feel full and keep you hydrated, and remember that a sensation of  hunger can sometimes camouflage thirst. There are also other smart ways to keep you hydrated. For example, drinking coconut water, which is packed with potassium and sodium, can kick-start your hydration. Also, try adding some cold soups, like gazpacho, to your diet: they are delicious and refreshing. Watermelon is also a great choice, since it is made up by 94 percent water and 6 percent sugar.



Can you think something more satisfying than a cool glass of fresh juice? There is always a place for that in a healthy diet. If you love juice, you’ll love Galvanina’s soft drinks line. This Italian company is named after the mineral spring from which it sources its water, and today, it produces delicious and artisanal fruit drinks in the beautiful area surrounding the beaches of Rimini. We recommend Galvanina’s organic lemonade, or its healthy sodas, in flavors like orange, blood orange, pomegranate, and grapefruit, all made with organic juice and pulp from southern Italy. In every sip, you will taste the warm sun and the sweetness of the Mediterranean. We also recommend Galvanina’s Chinotto. Chinotto is an Italian favorite, invented in Sicily in the 50s. Some call it “Sicilian Coca-Cola,” however, it is far healthier, and made with bitter myrtle-leaved orange juice.

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