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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Italian Gold
Aug 25, 2020
As Thomas Jefferson once said “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven”. Let’s start with some fundamental facts you should know. In Italy, olive oil is a lifestyle: Italians use around 12 liters per person every year! Yes, it is a lot!
All Shapes of Pasta (Short Pasta)
Apr 01, 2020
Do you like long or short pasta better? It’s an age old question, and everyone has a preference. However, even if you love both, you have to calibrate your choice to the recipe you plan on preparing. 
Olio Extra Vergine D’oliva: Beauty and Health Elixir
Mar 12, 2020
Italian actress and beauty icon Sophia Loren said that spaghetti and extra virgin olive oil were her secrets to looking so radiant and young. She was not alone. Women as early as Cleopatra, perhaps the first ever beauty icon, used extra virgin olive oil to perfect their beauty routine.