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Top Anti-aging superfoods
Jan 28, 2022
Some foods can help us to live longer and age graciously. Here is our list!
Autumn 2020, two recipes to start the season!
Oct 22, 2020
Every year we complain that summer is too short and the time flies too fast. In Italy, thinking about this difficult time with the pandemic, we can say that we were pretty lucky...
VALPOLICELLA: The valley of Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Aug 26, 2020
Located in northern Italy, near Lake Garda, this area produces some of the best extra virgin olive oil and wine in the world. Don’t believe us? Try Extra Virgin Olive Oil Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P for yourself! 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Italian Gold
Aug 25, 2020
As Thomas Jefferson once said “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven”. Let’s start with some fundamental facts you should know. In Italy, olive oil is a lifestyle: Italians use around 12 liters per person every year! Yes, it is a lot!
BRUSCHETTA, The Classic Italian Antipasto
May 17, 2020
Easy, delicious. Who couldn't love bruschetta? Here are some simple and quick recipes to unleash your inner chef!
Home made BREAD: an Italian passion.
May 08, 2020
There is one thing that has brought together Italians far and wide more than anything in the past few weeks. In this difficult time, homemade bread quickly became a prominent method to spend the quarantine in a productive and healthy way.