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It is Bloody Mary Day!
Jan 01, 2021
Today we are celebrating the beloved Bloody Mary cocktail, a drink with portentous "curative" properties if you are suffering from a bad hangover!
How Do Italians Celebrate NEW YEAR’S EVE?
Dec 30, 2019
Few things are more exciting than ringing in the New Year in Italy. The festivities begin on December 31st, with Festa di San Silvestro (the feast of Holy Sylvester) with a couple of mandatory goals: have fun and enjoy a great dinner! On the last day of the year, friends and family gather together for an epic celebration.
VIN BRÛLÉ, the Perfect Treat for a Cold and Snowy Day
Dec 27, 2019
Vin brûlé, the Italian delightful version of mulled wine, is one of winter favorites, especially during the holiday season. While mulled wine is only warmed up, Vin brûlé is boiled. The different process affects the alcohol content. This hot and spicy wine has curative effects, not only on your mood! It is a popular home therapy for colds.