The perfect Risotto for Queen Elizabeth II

The perfect Risotto for Queen Elizabeth II

Oct 19, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

The Queen died last month, and the Magnifico team would love to tribute to her historical reign by talking about her culinary habit and about the special Italian risotto she used to love.


For the Queen, high-protein, low-carb

Last month Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-serving monarch, died of "old ages," as recent documents revealed. She was 96 years old; she served as a Queen for 70 years. For the whole world, not only for the U.K., she became an icon, and the Magnifico team must pay tribute in the most congenial way: talking about her culinary habits. She was really strict on her diet, but we know that one of her favorite dishes was Italian; it was actually a risotto. She was not used to eating pasta. Her meals were high-protein, and low-carb, especially when she was eating alone. After breakfast, some tea, and some biscuits, her lunch was usually salmon with grilled veggies or a light chicken salad. Pretty similar to her dinner: on the table, salmon or fillets of beef and fruit. Her diet didn't change much in 60 years.


Chocolate and gin were her best treats

People who worked for a long time for her love to remember her mental discipline's strength. Of course, sometimes she cheated too: she was a big lover of chocolate and for her was a habit to drink a cocktail after dinner, before going to bed. But, besides the ordinary days, as a Queen, she also had many events to attend, foreign presidents, and personalites to meet. For these occasions, the chef at the time with his staff was asked to prepare gourmet recipes that guests still remember.


“Queen Victoria Risotto” by Chef Enrico Derflingher

For example, "Queen Victoria Risotto" is now considered a precious and historic dish. It was created by Chef Enrico Derflingher, who made history by himself, being the first Italian appointed after hundreds of years of French chefs. He served the Queen for several years, between 1987 and 1990. He was very young, not even 30 years old. Chef Derflingher made this dish for a significant occasion: Queen Elizabeth II was meeting foreign presidents. She was amazed after testing the risotto. The full recipe is a secret, but the main ingredients are Sicilian red shrimpParmigiano cheese, green herbs, and some dry sparkling wine.


Superfino Rice Arborio Special Selection, by Tenuta Margherita: best quality!

If you want to try to make it home and eat for one day like a Queen, you must have time to make the rice creamy, adding a ladleful of shrimp bisque little by little. After you clean the shrimp, you should add them halfway through cooking. The best rice for this recipe is Arborio Rice. Magnifico Food is here to help you to find the best Italian Arborio Rice. On our website, you can find some of the best qualities. For example: Superfino Rice Arborio Special Selection, by Tenuta Margherita. It's native rice, and the big pearly grains get bigger while cooking, making this variety ideal for a very creamy risotto. 

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